In a few words, The Spiritual Cat aims to offer a somewhat different perspective on a quest that is always and ever the same. That quest is the quest of Love and Wisdom. That quest is the quest to know/love thyself.  

The intention behind the creation of The Spiritual Cat is, thus, to support you in your spiritual evolution, be it through sharing valuable insight on a wide range of subjects, helping you get inspired with beautiful quotes, providing practical solutions to very precise challenges you may encounter or any other useful way.

So, whether you are seeking a new path, wanting to find yourself again or would like to leave behind old patterns & limiting beliefs, know that you are always welcome here. In fact, we even suggest that you think of The Spiritual Cat as the perfect pet to assist you in your own, unique, beautiful journey of self-discovery. With an added bonus of meows provided mindfully for your ears to enjoy and your heart to melt into infinite and unconditional Love. 

Yes, no less.

Not convinced yet ? Here’s a sample, hear for yourself : meow meow meow meooow ! 

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