Right now, take a deep breath through the nose.

Simply allow yourself to relax the thoughts.

Tune into the present moment, come back to now.

And simply feel into that presence that is in the background, feel into this unspeakable sense of being right here, right now.

Realize that this presence is none other than you, in a subtler form.

Do you notice the peace? Do you notice the increased sense of spaciousness? Let the thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc, float away in the silence.

Take all the time you need before continuing to read.

Now, pick in the thoughts a time when you were really really angry, or really really sad, or depressed, or anxious. Or any other experience that may be labeled as negative.

See the situation from the eyes of the “you” you were back then.

Remember the details of the event. How seemingly dramatic the situation was, how seemingly affected you were, how this was seemingly the end of the world for you.

And now, notice that it is with none other than the presence-energy you tuned into earlier that you are seeing through the eyes of the old you.

Even then, the peace, the spaciousness, the presence energy, was there, it was simply not recognized.

You, the presence that is reading this, were also there looking through the eyes of anger, depression or any other emotionally charged situation.

Do you see how this presence (that is a truer you), even then, was totally unaffected? Totally free from the situation. Detached, yet, way more alert, way more connected, way more able to act or think efficiently if needed.

Now, do this with another memory.

And another one.

By and by, you build the confidence and the understanding that you are always already present.

Presence is inescapable. It is simply in your nature to be present. You may forget it, but it’s always there.

Even when you think of the past, it is through presence that you do it. Even when you think of the future, it is through presence that you do it.

So, why not let the ego loose itself as it will in past stories or in hopes & fears about the future? As presence-consciousness, it is not your business, it never was.

As you abide in presence and let the ego do as it will, you will discover that most of the thoughts processes, emotional patterns, etc, will start to loose their relevance. They will feel less and less present, as you realize more and more that you are the presence.

This is the gateway to many possibilities & insights that we will explore in future posts.

But for now, always remember, there is no need to struggle to be in the present moment. It is always already available, even in the seemingly darkest hours. Especially in the darkest hours because then, the contrast created by negative emotions makes presence even more sublime.


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