The insistance on maintaining false absolutes is attachment.

Attachment distorts Love and eventually transforms it into suffering.

Just one attachment is enough to create the illusion of truly knowing what Love is while one actually knows only suffering. Just one attachment is enough to generate the illusion of having an identity, while one has no clue about what one is.

Many attachment will then be created in an attempt to balance this primordial attachment, which in turn will need to be balanced by other attachments, etc. Hence the many patterns in which we find ourselves entangled.

So, how to detach?

Detachment needs only alertness, awareness, because life itself is a constant movement towards detachment.

To detach you need to do precisely nothing. But can you remain unswayed while witnessing an identity and/or a distorted sense of Love fall apart? This is the lesson & the test.

When the work is (un)done, you may discover that you have developed through this an attachment to detachment.

As is, this is already a glorious, blissful state, but make no mistake: there is still a subtle attachment, this is still an insistance on maintaining a false absolute.

If you lazily keep it that way, you will find a way to get entangled again in many many patterns, and that’s okay if it happens, it’s part of the learning (in fact, it seems unlikely that one will go through this process only once, as crystallization seems to be gained through repetition. But this is only opinion, dont let it define for you your journey).

To uproot the attachment to detachment, faith and devotion are required on top of awareness because it feels like destroying all the previous efforts.
Faith & devotion help gather the courage to make the jump.

To make the jump is to realize nothing can be lost.

To make the jump is to realize that attachment to detachment was a burden, not something precious at all.

To make the jump is the beginning of balancing wisdom with Love.

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