Don’t try to fight or repress a pattern that is no longer serving you, because from that perspective you will always fail in breaking it. When you react that way to a pattern that is no longer serving you, you are adding another step to it, you are adding another layer of complexity that is making it more difficult to break.

Instead, just let go.

Just let the ego win in its own field.

From the ego’s point of view, it is indeed true that you can never be loved, that you are not worthy enough, that you are lonely, that you are a separate entity in a dangerous world, that you need this addiction or that distraction, that what people think of you is important, etc.

You can never win against the ego by playing the game of trying to convince it (aka trying to convince yourself) that it is wrong.

Just admit already that from its own, limited point of view the ego is always right.

And since the ego is right, since for example, you can never be truly loved from its point of view, what is the point of restlessly trying to compensate for it, over and over again ?

What is the point of searching for others’ approval if you can never be loved ?

Feel into it, really feel how hopeless it is to try to compensate, to try to fight the pattern/belief.

At first, it will be a negative feeling, but the more you rest into it, the more it will transform into a feeling of letting go.

And from there, change the belief.

See how the perspective of the ego is still true, but extremely limited, see for example that searching for others’ approval can indeed never lead to love, not because you can never be loved but because you are already loved, you are already an emanation of Love, you are already infinitely worthy, you are already supported by the Universe.

At this point, a feeling of (intense) bliss is an indicator that the process is working.

Now, each time you catch yourself going into the pattern, don’t try to repress it.

Do it mindfully, be aware of it. Do it while remembering that from the ego’s point of view this is totally justified, but that it’s an extremely limited point of view.

By and by, the pattern will disappear and you will feel lighter, more you.

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