Freedom, Truth, Love, bliss, wisdom, innocence, etc, are separate only when they are tainted with confusion. They are separate only when they are being instrumentalized.

When they are pure, they are one. They merge into each other and this may be called awareness. But don’t call it that, don’t conceptualize it. This is only a pointer, only a reminder that you need not cultivate any value, do any shadow work, acquire any knowledge, develop any bliss, align or heal any chakra.

All of this can be effortlessly achieved by dissipating confusion, by becoming so single-pointed that all the energy streams, all the efforts, all the desires melt and dissolve into One.

Freedom is truth, truth is love, love is bliss, bliss is wisdom, wisdom is innocent, and cultivating any of this is, at the highest, irrelevant because all is awareness: recognizing that awareness leads to all and beyond. At the highest, all these qualities, values and achievements are a by-product, a fragrance of awareness.

If you follow the path of awareness, that is recognizing awareness, abiding as awareness, you will naturally radiate all these qualities without being trapped in their forms. In the Tao Te Ching, it is said that the highest wisdom appears naive, that the greatest Love appears indifferent, these are insightful statements. These are the statements of someone who has followed the path of awareness, who has not been trapped in the dryness of wisdom, or the lovey-dovey form of Love.

At the highest, to the eye of those who cannot see, one who has followed the path of awareness will appear extremely paradoxical, unpredictable, because such an individual is but formlessness in form, such an individual flows with the patterns and mirrors to other-selves who they are.

Now this being understood, don’t guilt trip yourself, don’t use it to confuse yourself, you are free to work or ease your way into awareness through any permission slip you feel is relevant for you at the moment. You know best how you operate and what you need in the current stage of your journey.

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