Those who search for abundance through greed are bound to experience an abundance of lack.

Greed appears when there is a perceived hollowness within ourselves, it is the desire to accumulate so that this hollowness can be filled. Greed can be intellectual, spiritual, material, emotional, relationship-oriented, etc.

This experience is bound to fail – or rather succeed in showing you it doesn’t work – for the simple reason that whatever you can accumulate is bound to remain on the outside.

You can never, ever, truly fill yourself with money, knowledge, social status, sex, spirituality, relationships, etc, because abundance is already within the self. In fact, the illusion of hollowness is itself produced from absolute abundance, for there can be only abundance in a universe that is one & infinite.

Unless you realize the I Am, whatever you accumulate is not going to be fulfilling, and once you do, whatever happens is fulfilling because all is as it should be. Without realizing what you are, whatever you do is but guesswork: maybe following this thought will fulfill me, maybe seeing more numbers on my bank account will make me feel safe, maybe starting a relationship with someone who really gets me will finally make me feel loved, etc, etc.

The time has come. Put an end to the guesswork. Let yourself become silent and listen.

The more silent you become, the more you will be able to notice patterns. A pattern fully noticed is a pattern easy to dissolve, easy to drop, because you see how harmful, foolish and tiring it is to keep.

And remember: silence is not silence of speech. It is not even necessarily the silence of thoughts (although it is helpful to some extent). To be silent means to recognize the silence that has always been ongoing behind the thoughts, the emotions, the sensations, etc.

To be silent means to recognize your true nature.

Rumi wrote the following verse in some poem: “Love said to me: there is nothing that is not me. Be silent.”

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