You are not taking the leap because you think the cost is too high, but let me tell you that the risk only appears to be too high before the jump.

Once you jump, you realize that what you have given up is nothing, just fear within fear within fear, and what you are getting at is of infinite value.

Take now that leap of faith you are afraid of. It will take you farther than you can imagine. It will take you way beyond the obstacles that appear before you.

These obstacles are only an excuse, only an illusion used by life to put you in a situation where you have to decide to make the leap, but the leap itself is not about the obstacles. It is about teaching yourself faith. It is about teaching yourself the paradoxical nature of courage, which requires letting go yet taking ownership.

So, be fearless, be courageous and take that leap of faith.

No risk is too great for your own growth.

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