Let go of the starseed identity. Why should past lives define you?

Don’t mistake transitory states in others densities for permanent truths. If you are here, it means this earth is your home, this civilization is your civilization, this life is your life. Own it, for how can you further your journey if you reject your earthly roots ? Enough with that obsession, enough with that nostalgia, enough with jumping to conclusions about who you are. Can you not feel at ease simply being yourself? Can you not feel blissful causelessly, by simply being ordinary? Should the whole creation bow to your ego because you came to know you are some 6D Pleiadian Wanderer?

Yes my friend, penetrating the veil of forgetfulness is part of your journey but don’t let it become an ego trap.

Don’t make life so personal.

Empty your cup.

Try being ordinary, a nobody, with no name, no identity, with nothing to claim, no power to show off to others, no effort to shine, no desire to possess.

Choose to be a choiceless awareness. Try it and see how loving you become, how filled with energy, overflowing, so powerful that you can empower others, so blissful that you can contaminate others with bliss, so wise that you effortlessly cut your way through the world of forms.

And remember : a system built on fear, control & domination is more than happy to have some of its wisest slaves believe that this earth is not really theirs and that the ever-imminent ascension (any day now!) will fix everything, or that they are a fragment of Sophia’s aeon trapped in the demiurge’s matrix with no other choice than to helplessly try to claim back their free will…

Wake up! Dissolve all identities.

And when you are finished, dissolve the dissolver too.

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