Are you for freedom or against freedom ?
Do you agree with this or that, or are you completely delusional ?
Do you think of me… or are you an egoist ?

It’s easy to appear balanced if you get to determine beforehand where balance begins & where it ends.It’s easy to make assumptions and present them as facts.
It’s easy to appear well educated and well researched, especially in fields such as the media where everything can be presented in such a way that you can’t reasonably be against it.

On the other hand, those who are trying to make a (relative) difference, be it as activists, whistleblowers, intellectuals, teachers, healers of all kinds, etc, generally don’t get to choose what is said about them because they are too engaged in the day-to-day activities required to achieve what they desire to achieve. When they are interviewed, they don’t get to choose the way the interview will be edited and things of that nature.

Those who speak the(ir) truth fearlessly and who are radically authentic tend to be attacked the most.

Always double question those who appear well put together critiquing someone who is fighting the good fight. It’s not always gonna be flawless but at least they are sacrificing comfort for their vision.

The critics sacrifice nothing and can only gain more validation.

In fact, those who speak the truth will face sanctions. It is inevitable: society doesn’t like the truth.

Society is a form of collective ego, it is based on lies. Society sees game changers and change makers as a threat. The status quo is comfortable, very secure, why should we change anything? Change may not work, truth may destroy society.

The misfits, the revolutionaries and all sorts of people who side with the truth will face ridiculous amounts of criticism, diffamation and all sorts of social (and sometimes legal) sanctions.

Therefore, the question and the test is: are you with the truth or are you with what appears as the truth? And how can one discriminate between these two?

Meditate on that.

Find your truth.

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