Who are you? If you can see it, it cannot be you.

The supreme reality cannot be impermanent.

If something can arise and then disappear, can live and then die, it cannot be real.

Therefore… who are you?

What is it that you are?
Are you this physical body?
Are you the thoughts? The emotions? The sensations? The experiences?
Are you the thoughts you think others have about you?
Are you a pisces INFJ 5w4? Or maybe a lightworker, or an empath? Or the Universe?
Are you a multidimensional Soul? An Infinite Cosmic Being of Love & Light?

Perhaps you are the beautiful story of a soul who is having this temporary human experience in a physical body, or maybe the tragic story of a human who has been surviving and learning from traumatic experiences for years and years?

How about this: an assumption.

The “you” that you think you are is but an assumption.

Like all assumptions, it will inevitably dissolve when thoroughly investigated. It cannot survive the contrast with that which is absolutely real.

And if it can be an object of perception, it cannot be real.

Right now, you are most probably reading this on your phone. Are you your phone?

If you can see the phone, it cannot be you, right?

And do you not perceive your emotions? Do you not perceive your thoughts? (etc, etc)

Appearances are perfectly valid and relevant, otherwise they would not have appeared in the first place, but they cannot be considered to be the absolute changeless timeless reality. They cannot be the Self.

Because that which is not real will necessarily disappear at some point, a misplaced sense of self will eventually create suffering, confusion and stories about being in some way a victim.

So, who are you? What has always been here? Inquire.

And remember: if you can see it, it cannot ultimately be you.

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